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GOP's too, Wed. evening at 7PM sponsored by Avitus Group
To see where the state spends your money online since 2013
GOP controlled House and Senate to set final estimate
YouTube interview part of strategy to reach internet audience
Mt economic outlook good except business in rural counties
Bridger Pipeline crews isolate and cap broken pipe segment
Police could not subpoena e-mails or notebooks
Contends Arco coverup lasting 40 years in pollution at smelter
Reviving oversight of aging pipeline network questions
Schweitzer dropped it after 2009 to save money during recession
900,000 tons a year = $70 million economic impact for area
Bullock declares Dawson & Richland Cos. disasterb areas
Influenza vaccine not as effective in current flu season
Hopes not to have repeat of last year's late season snow
EPA providing bottled water to town's 6,000+ residents
Statewide average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.00
EPA & State DEQ at the area about 9 miles upriver from Glendive
State Department will determine if it's in the U.S. nat'l interest
Corps Of Engineers to keep eye on snowpack and rains
Insufficient support among association member schools
Cost to fix = $7.4 billion with only $1.2 billion available
Recent snowstorms likely boosting that number higher
Between Billings Clinic and RegionalCare Hospital Partner
Build Montana Act before Joint Appropriations Subcommittee
State receives 45% of snow by Jan. 1st. = good start for 2015
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Last month a bull bison on Ted Turner's Snowcrest Ranch in the Upper Ruby Valley tested positive for brucellosis. It was the only animal from the herd that tested positive, and it was destroyed.


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