Northern News Headlines
Bison sent to slaughter to keep brucellosis from livestock
They want to keep partisan influence out of court completely
Tax Foundation rates Mt 7th best for  business tax climate
Will work with legislators to benefit Mt residents and tourists
At least 105 drug-related criminal indictments since Jan., 2013
Up to 100,000 Montanans also participate in the sport each year
Sporting businesses send letter to BLM to preserve backcountry
If region temp. & H2O levels continue their path trouble coming
The 251 fires so far this year is close to the five year average
Oct. 20th Daines/Lewis debate only one scheduled
Mt Congressional delegation supports efforts with caution
Mt military museum at Fort Harrison remembers with exhibits
Called by commander of Strategic Command Adm. Cecil Haney
Says EPA rules on emission standards could hurt Montana
Will create fund to encourage ranchers and landowners to too
Wants voters to register with GOP in order the vote in its primary
Buy Back program is part of Cobell Indian suit settlement
Montana had reached energy standard already, in 2013
<p>Accounts for 40%&#160;of all agricultural sales in Montana on average</p>
Accounts for 40% of all agricultural sales in Montana on average
Helena nonprofit asks judge to throw them out before elections
Mt Gov. Bullock will request bill to do so for the 2015 Legislature
Air Force modified plan so planes over Mt no lower than 1,200 ft
Montana and 31 other states file papers to solve question finally
Gov. can mobilize resources & Nat'l Guard & spend needed $
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Not In Our Town Billings held a town hall meeting at MSU-Billings last night. About 50 people gathered to hear and share their concerns about Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull, and the email he forwarded containing a joke based on sexual and racist slurs against President Obama.


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