Northern News Headlines
Based on genetics to keep the purest at the wildlife refuge
Possible threat to killer of Osama bin Laden and his family
Will affect spruce and fir and lodgepole pines above 7,000 feet
Land grant MSU provides organization etc. thru extension office
Previously regulated by counties, home made foods can be sold
57% in English 41% in math and 36% in reading in ACT tests
Need to see relevance with impacts on neighborhoods
Wants automatic felony charge for asault on health providers
80 miles per hour limits authorized by Senate Bill 375 in 2015
State will use a Butte owned facility and not build a new one
Gets gov't ok from 2016 and ending at the end of 2019
In process of removing endangered species act protections
Up to 3% lost in 2016 for patient recitivism after discharge
Forces Dept. of Ag to intervene if grain inspections fail
Fort Harrison VA Office now has about a 3% error rate
9th in 10 years MSU in Bozeman has set an enrollment record
Wed. deadline = weekend guard training to continue or not
Mt has received $54 million over 50 year life of LWCF
Discussion focuses on growth, people mostly in urban areas
62% of Montanans have at least one social media account
$2.66 million in grants to eliminate deaths on Montana roads
Exam score declines being reported regionally and nationally
New funds to divert people from State Hospital in Warm Springs
To administer health coverage for 70,000 Montanans if hired
Claim 2005 overhaul of public defense system isn't working
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One phone call complaint from a concerned citizen lead to the arrest of Chris Williams. He is on trial in Helena, the only raided medical marijuana provider who has not copped a plea. The call was about his Montana Cannabis Operation at the Old State Nursery.


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