Northern News Headlines
John Lewis raised $300,000 and is first to do so this year
Attempt to stop train pulling coal cars heading to Pacific Coast
Letter to Dept. of Ag. Sec'y Vilsack praises management idea
Charges of  Wy farmers using too much Tongue River water
Groups urging Corps to step up releases to prevent flooding
Will consider Barry Beach's application for clemency in killing
$163 million in 2012 to 3,300 Mt medicare health care providers
One to fill vacancy from Judge Morris going to District Court
Says hauling megaloads along Highway 12 would degrade it
AG Fox's office scrutinizing ballot measure for legality
Forest land in state declared top priorities for restoration
Development halted 20 years, not forever, or giving land to Mt
Substituting it for more exprensive prescription drugs
U.S. Corps of Engineers including it in 2010 draft supplement
Video by park employee gone viral but not indication of trouble
Deptartment of Interior buyback program decided in 2010
Three Senators blocked vote but could vote later for it
Would gut ACA and stop state Medicaid expansion in Montana
Open heart survey pioneered at Billings Clinic in 1972
Will return to Denver Friday to compile information for assistance
IRS uses mail but not phone calls when collecting debt
Pushed husbnd of 8 days off Glacier National Park cliff
Says change rules or projects can go to court for enforcement
Includes Malmstrom's 150 due to Mt Congressional delegation
One being challenged to Montana Supreme Court as illegal
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One phone call complaint from a concerned citizen lead to the arrest of Chris Williams. He is on trial in Helena, the only raided medical marijuana provider who has not copped a plea. The call was about his Montana Cannabis Operation at the Old State Nursery.


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