Northern News Headlines
1 mile radius of detailment in Northern Illinois evacuated
Crafted bill $160 million lower than Gov.'s $4.13 billion 2 yr. one
Today Legislature will hear about House Bill 455 in Helena
Would give fed. workers with disabilities 104 sick leave hrs.
Would give any Governor the final say with respect to clemency
State could appeal judge's injunction to  Mt Supreme Court
10.9% drop at Missoula College also expected say UM officials
Commissioner Lindeen to sign on to investigate Anthem
Supreme Court to decide on exchange payments by July
Has closed 7,344 cases through it's four Montana offices
Weeding out fraud involving Indian reservation programs
Issue is about preserving them as future lawsuit evidence
U System will no longer get $ for lower state tuitions for vets
Has mitigated 60 pipeline river crossings with 40 more to go
Will take up state budget issue & Medicaid when back in Helena
Former aide to Sen. Jennifer Fielder registered as a lobbyist
If passed money would go to infrastructure projects automatically
Would quantify H2O for Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribe
HB284 expected to give measures more teeth if enacted
If shut down by Congress $7 million also cut in emergency $
Crop diversity kept overall value of Montana agriculture strong
Court rules structures violate Montana's Clean Indoor Air Act
Used up all time available because no new director named
Affordable Care Act provision closed the "donut" loophole
To revise laws to allow Uber and Lyft to operate in Mt
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One phone call complaint from a concerned citizen lead to the arrest of Chris Williams. He is on trial in Helena, the only raided medical marijuana provider who has not copped a plea. The call was about his Montana Cannabis Operation at the Old State Nursery.


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