Montana Sports Headlines
In "AA" 8 of the 14 teams get into the post season playoffs!
Four schools have won ten or more!
Bozeman owns "AA" cross country!
Plus Makena's sister Bryn was second!
Plus the team is 4-4 on the season!
Last "AA" team to average 50 was Butte back in 1923!
Hot Springs is winning by almost 60 points per game!
I have CMR hosting Bozeman in round number one!
My favorite color man!
Drummond's Jim Oberweisser could move into the top five!
Pat was our states sport's historian!
Butte Central would be a small class "B" school!
Last state title was back in "A" in 1986!
The coach who has won 90% is not even first on the list!
Glacier Q.B. is now in the record books!