Outdoors Headlines
 This incident was reported in south central MT.
 Powell fisherman Clint Franklin was the lucky angler...
 These statistics curtesy of Montana'a FWP...
 The purpose is to upgrade and add sites.
 Check out the details on the X-Stream Angler Program...
 MT FWP would like your comments on this stocking proposal.
 It depends on the response to this proposal.
 Have your boat inspected in WY & qualify to enter a raffle.
 June 23rd. is the deadline to submit your opinion/suggestions...
Check conditions before you go & wear your life jacket.  
Both residents and non-residents can fish free with no license.
 For young people who don't have the opportunity...here is one.
 These surveys include info. on mule deer and mountain sheep.
 The popular Amsden Creek WHMA will be closed until May 17th.