"Stand with Rand," Zinke honors Benghazi heroes, more.
David Crisp says fears of religious targeting justified
Does MT actually have one of the lowest disparities?
Did Mick Jagger predict the UK election?
MDLCC failed to register as a political committee.
Apparently no problem spreading Russian propaganda.
ICYMI: Video from David Letterman's farewell...
Plus, Zinke discusses the raid/ISIS on CNN's SOTU.
Points out the contrast with Iran. (h/t PJ Media)
It's the chickens coming home to roost for Barack Obama
Plus, a profile of the Swiss billionaire calling shots
DC: Dems Exploit Amtrak Crash To Promote Big Government
Green decoy enviros forcing BLM's hand on wilderness
SFC Darren Linde KIA December 3, 2012 by an IED
So, would the flyers actually have helped the Left?
Or a couple guys from Pakistan and Seymour Hersh?
Plus, forget Seymour Hersh...here's what's outrageous.
Looking Back at the Top 5 Issues in CQ Roll Call Report
Banks prep defense,silence tactics,Gov Sandra Bullock?
Plus, she was asked about running for Pres in 2016.
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