Plus: Amanda Curtis on guns and self defense
PLF Attorney Paul Beard discusses trip to Montana.
Rasmussen: Daines 55, Curtis 35
Amanda Curtis video diaries gaining national attention
GOP claims 2013 trip to DC was a "campaign trip."
Agency posts losses in 21 of the last 23 quarters
Claims climate will endanger wolverines
Plus: Ted Cruz helps Daines, and COPP Motl apologizes
Plus: Zinke announces plan for VA improvements
Montana grain shipments will no longer be stuck.
Final vote was 6-5 after an 8+ hour meeting.
Plus: "Walsh fiasco will continue to dog Montana Democrats"
Plus: "The Dude" for U.S. Senator?
Plus: Media Trackers keeps an eye on your tax dollars
A complete "Walsh Out" in Montana.
And speculation about Walsh replacement abounds
Will finish out Senate term.
Bakken oil "doesn’t pose a greater risk to transport"
"Something is rotting in this donkey's trough"
"...we just can't get the Forest Service to manage their land."
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