Phil Rolen's latest for Media Trackers Montana...
Critics call him out for ditching town.
But landed a dance with Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill
Plus- the Dem civil war over trade.
“The bane of my existence for the past 4 years.”
Plus, rural Democrats frustrated with Tester, DSCC.
Plus, happy tax day-coal plant shuts down in Billings.
Plus, nice recovery by Cathy after the spill!
Latest updates are here...
MT Dems planning anti-Christian attack plan...
Keenan left pro-abortion group NARAL in 2012.
Plus, Tryon's not buying the ‘noble Democrat’ mythology
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Never presumed to offer advice unless he was asked.
Great news from the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning!
And yet moderate MT Republicans *expand* entitlements.
"My wife cut off my..." Well- you can finish sentence.
Denny Rehberg's D.C. PR firm also named in the complaint
Zolnikov's bill to update Montana's press "shield law" to protect repo...
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