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Are Montana State Employees Being “Paid Off” As They Leave Office?

Montana Senate President Scott Sales and Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen have appointed a select committee to find out ... Read More

John Eidsmoe Talks about The Constitution and Christianity.

After the radio show Friday morning with constitutional Lawyer and Professor of Law John Eidsmoe, we received a lot of ... Read More

Daines Asks That Ag & Livestock Haulers Be Exempt From Electronic Logging Devices

This is a news release from Senator Daines office. This has been a real hot topic with folks calling into the ... Read More

Sheriff Clarke Says “I Didn’t Go Anywhere, The Dem’s Left Me!”

Near the end of the show Wednesday morning, Sheriff David Clark remarked, "Yes, that's exactly what we need, great ideas and ... Read More

The ACLU Continues To Try To Block The Locker Room Privacy Initiative

Tuesday's Voices of Montana program welcomed back Jeff Laszlofy, President/CEO of the Montana Family Foundation which is a non-profit, research ... Read More