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carl glimm

Republican Carl Glimm, Latest Candidate for Congress on Voices of Montana Friday.

When Ryan Zinke is finally confirmed as the next Secretary of State a special election will be held in Montana ...
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US Capital

All Montana Congressional Candidates Scheduled To Appear On Voices of Montana

Voices of Montana has invited all six of the Congressional candidates on the program before the election which is scheduled ...
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Montana Senate President Scott Sales Withdraws From Possible Congressional Special Election

With Democrats continually slowing down the confirmation process for president Donald Trump, It's anyone's guess when Congressman, Ryan Zinke will ...
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How Will The U.S. Pay For The Wall? Can you say “Border Adjustment” or “Value-Added-Tax”

Why does the mainstream media keep asking what the wall will cost? Why do they keep saying "it's going to ...
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Robert Brown

Is the Constitution Outdated?

Is the Constitution outdated? This question comes from a misunderstanding of the Constitution. In Federalist 45, James Madison tells us the ...
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All Six Congressional Candidates In One Place.

Candidates for the possible open seat in the United States Congress are invited to gather in Helena Saturday night February ...
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Jon Tester 2

My Thoughts For Today

Is the mainstream media intentionally lying about Donald Trump or are they just misinformed, Why do they say it's wrong ...
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Trump Green Lights Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines

President Trump wasted no time issuing executive orders to move stalled pipeline projects forward; the Keystone XL and Dakota Access ...
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Through the Trees

Lone leaseholder fights for right to drill

On January 11th, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced the cancellation of oil and gas leases in the Badger Two Medicine ...
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