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VoM Interview w Jerry Molen (8-16-16)

Gerry Molen – Academy Award-winning Film Producer

Gerry Molen, Academy Award-winning American film producer and keen observer of Hollywood’s political roles. Credits include Schindler’s List,Jurassic Park, Rain ...
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True Guardians Of Liberty What America Must Know-By David Hebert

True Guardians of Liberty What Americans Must Know By Walter David Herbert 2 Introduction An incident that occurred in 2004 ...
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David Herbert—USA-Appellee v. Noah Kleinman—Amicus Brief

UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT No: 14-50585 United States of America Appellee v. Noah Kleinman Appellant ...
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David Herbert-Letter to the Editor

    Subject: Letter to the Editor, Billings Gazette July 3, 2016     The cornerstone principle of the founding of our Constitutional Republic is that ...
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police line

The Next Administration Must Protect Those Who “Protect And Serve”

Certain individuals are born with a calling in life. For as long as they can remember they were drawn to ...
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Opinion: Beware Of The Political Hack

When was the last time you heard the phrase political hack? Is there anything worse than a political hack? What ...
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EU and Donald Trump

Britain has left the EU for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is they felt they were being ...
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syrian refugee1

Syrian Refugees to Montana? Ask Texas & South Carolina.

What States have Learned so far about Refugee Settlement, and Why We May not be Prepared Last Thursday the state of ...
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Republican candidate Greg Gianforte and Democrat Candidate Steve Bullock

Bullock vs. Gianforte: First 2016 Gubernatorial Debate in MT

First Gubernatorial Debate of the 2016 Election Year in Montana on June 26     On June 26th at their upcoming state convention, ...
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