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2016 01 18 - stations listJon Arneson, Host Voices of Montana

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Will It Make A Difference That Trump Supports The Dakota Access Pipeline?

Sunday afternoon, word came down of a victory, of sorts, for the democrats and protesters who were fighting against the ...
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Citizens For Balanced Use Working To Keep You Informed

I really enjoyed today's Voices of Montana show and judging from our response from our callers and the emails many ...
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ken robison 2

Montana Author Ken Robison–A True Montana Jewel

For some reason whenever I interview Montana author Ken Robison, I end up calling him a "True Montana Jewel." I ...
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lfp triggered

Greg Page Not Worried About How, Only Effects Of Climate Change

A very interesting show on Tuesday as Voices of Montana hit the road and was broadcasting live from the 97th ...
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Bill Federer, Muslim Immigration and George Washington

We were all very happy to have had Bill Federer as our guest Tuesday on Voices of Montana. Bill is ...
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Laurel Hometown troops

Laurel Hometown Troops And Ryan Zinke Joined Us On Voices Of Montana

After the 911 disaster many Montana soldiers and sailors were deployed overseas to fight in the middle east and stationed ...
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Glasgow Eva Talk show

Glasgow Shows The Love For Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor

83-year old Holocaust Survivor Draws Huge Crowd in Glasgow On Tuesday, November 1st, Eastern Montana welcomed holocaust survivor Eva Kor to ...
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Taxpayers Pay Rent For Somalis Who Feel The Need To Visit Somalia For Months.

 You cannot make this up! Virtually all Somalis who live in the US came here (we are told) as poor ...
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trump again

It Has Been An October To Remember For The Trump Campaign But What Will November Bring?

For Trump fans it must feel as though Christmas has come early and the heavens have opened up wide for ...
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