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Gallatin Women Raise Money To Feed Veterans.

The Republican women of Gallatin County have for years put on an appreciation luncheon for our US veterans in November, ...

Is there a Better Income Tax System?

Is there a Better Income Tax System? by Jon Arneson Is there a better and fairer way to collect income taxes? What if ...
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Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale blasted Governor Bullock’s short-sighted decision to veto SB 362 today. SB 362 would ...
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Montana Has Not Had This Kind Of Political Star Power In A Long Time

Vice President Mike Pence will be the first standing Vice President to visit the Treasure State and Billings in more ...

Make Sure You Are Informed About Aquatic Invasive Mussels Before You Hit The Water

Montana has the potential to lose many of our great waterways and fisheries and in the process lose millions of ...

Donald Trump Jr Will Make Three Stops In Montana Including Eastern Montana & Sidney.

Before we went on the air Thursday, we got a call from one of Greg Gianforte's staff members and he ...
Matt Rosendale is running for Montana State Auditor.

Does Your Current Policy Cover Flooding or Flood Damage.

The local weather man says it will continue to be a wet spring in Montana and if you have ever ...
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Donald Trump Jr Coming Back To Montana

Donald Trump's eldest son is coming back to Montana, Last time he was here he was gushing online about the ...
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Koreen Harrington Wants To Know, How Is Your Hearing?

Koreen Harrington, State licensed and nationally board certified hearing instrument specialist came in-studio for Voices of Montana, Monday to speak ...

Governor Steve Bullock Vetoes Bill That Would Have Banned Sharia Law In Montana Courts

After Vetoing a bill that would have banned Sharia law in the state of Montana, Governor Steve Bullock said it ...

Will Federal Dollars Be Pulled For New Intake Diversion Dam?

In 1904, with the urging of Teddy Roosevelt, The Lower Yellowstone Irrigation project was authorized by the Secretary of Interior ...

Montana Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, March 30, 2017.

In 2011 the 62nd Montana Legislature enacted into law House Bill 255, entitled. "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day". The act established ...
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Montana Libertarian Chairman, Ron Vandevender on Voices of Montana

Chairman of the Montana Libertarian party, Ron Vandevender joined us on the VOM radio show Monday with Libertarian candidate for ...
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A Different Montana Highway Funding Solution?

It seems Montana Republicans have been shooting down taxes left and right since day one of Montana's 65th Legislative session. So ...

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month With Survivor Ian Elliot

On Mondays Voices of Montana radio show, Ian Elliot joined us to speak on Brain Injuries and the Brain Injury ...

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