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How Will The U.S. Pay For The Wall? Can you say “Border Adjustment” or “Value-Added-Tax”

Why does the mainstream media keep asking what the wall will cost? Why do they keep saying “it’s going to be at least three times what Donald Trump campaigned on” But really, Who cares what it costs?


Shouldn’t they be asking what the wall will save our country over time? Shouldn’t they be asking how much is illegal Immigration costing us right now? How much amnesty really costs?

Isn’t that the important questions? They also ask the administration who is going to pay for it? It has been stated many, many times that Mexico will pay for it. After All, There are several ways to make them cough up the pesos.

The latest official numbers show that there is 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S. These households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year.

Amnesty for unlawful immigrants can also pose huge fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers including public education, welfare benefits, and other benefits and services.

It is in the billions and billions of dollars. Just think about social security, medicare, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation and about 80 more of these government programs that cost U.S. taxpayers 90 billion dollars.

What about public education? How much does it cost to educate all the illegal immigrants in the U.S.? At a cost of $12, 300 per pupil per year, these services are largely free or heavily subsidised for low-income parents. It adds up very fast and is in the billions.

So why does the mainstream media always ask, how much the wall will cost? How about how much the wall will save us as a country. With numbers like those even I know it will pay for itself in a relatively short time.

Border 2

After the question of how much it will cost the next question is always “who will pay for it?” Well Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and ex-president Vicente Fox have both told the U.S. to go take a flying f#@k, if we think Mexico will ever pay for a wall.

Meanwhile, Trump has repeatedly asserted that “Mexico will pay” for the proposed southern border wall, But he’s also said the U.S. will be reimbursed by Mexico after building it with taxpayers money.

How? Let’s just say “Border Adjustment” What is that? Well, The house republicans plan a lower corporate tax from 35% to 20% and then apply the tax based on location of consumption rather than location of production.

Under this plan, all imports coming into the U.S. would be subject to the 20% tax, but exports would have the tax refunded-making them tax-free. So, It would exempt exports while taxing imports.

Right now, more than 160 countries around the world have a “border adjusted”  value-added-tax (VAT) So unlike tariffs, a border adjustment should be able to pass muster with the World Trade Organization.

Because the United States has a trade deficit the “border adjustment” would bring in about $120 Billion a year or $1 trillion over a decade. So the U.S. would raise 13 billion a year in revenue from Mexico due to the border adjustments and will pay for the wall in a year or two.

Sounds like, the mainstream media really should stop asking how much the border wall will cost and who will pay for it, Maybe they should just ask “how tall will the wall be” and then ask “when will it start making the U.S. money” Because that is the truth.

Jon Arneson