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Is the State of Montana Protecting Our Foster Kids?

Voices of Montana received some great feedback from Fridays show with the Montana Child Protection Alliance, A group of concerned citizens that are worried about the Montana Social Services Program and how MSSP is protecting our most vulnerable population, our children.


Many of the comments were about our guest Vicki Leigland, A lady that was trained to become a CASA worker, also known as a Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children in her hometown of Great Falls. But she was never accepted after her training. She believes, because of her not wanting to deviating from rules that are set by the state.

It seems there are many in Montana that think CASA is an excellent organization, But others like Vicki would disagree. Also on the show Friday was Robin Castle, A board member for MCPA  and the acting President of the Montana Child Protection Alliance, Cleve Loney.

We always want to hear from the other point of view so if you know of a good spokesperson for CASA or the MSSP please contact us here on Voices of Montana, If you missed this very important show go right here.