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Donald Trump Jr Will Make Three Stops In Montana Including Eastern Montana & Sidney.

Before we went on the air Thursday, we got a call from one of Greg Gianforte’s staff members and he seemed pretty excited and said they had some “Breaking” news that morning and Greg wanted to share it with our statewide audience.


Obviously that got me real curious and excited too,  I heard earlier that morning that Donald Trump Junior was headed back to Montana for another fund-raiser in Helena so I thought, Maybe that was it.

So by 9:10 I was ready for it, and asked him “What’s Up?” Greg was smiling and said “Donald Trump Jr would not only be coming to Helena this month, but he will be going to two other great Montana cities as well, Great Falls and Sidney.”

That’s a real big deal for this campaign especially going to extreme eastern Montana. Many candidates, even many Montana candidates, don’t go that far east, Mainly because of the sparse population and long drive times.

It makes perfect sense to bring Donald Jr to Eastern Montana, because it really is Trump & Oil country and if Greg wants to make it “Gianforte Country” Why not bring the likable, hunting and fishing loving and well spoken Donald Trump Jr to God’s Country!

I was fortunate and had the Congressional Candidate on the air for the full hour of the show and I must tell you that an email must have went out to everyone in the democratic party, because all the callers to the program seemed to lean just a little towards the left.

Trump JR

After the show, Greg laughed and asked me if I had changed the format or something? I laughed and said no but obviously they all got the memo! Greg actually said he was very happy with the callers and the emails.

For the interview with Greg Gianforte go right here to the Podcast. We talked on many subjects including private property, Rob Quist, Washington DC and the possibility of working in Washington with Tester, Daines, Zinke, Trump and others.

The final details are still being worked out but Donald Trump Jr will be flying into Montana this Thursday, May 11th with three different rallies planned across the state.

The schedule seems to be pointing towards Helena being first followed up by the towns of Great Falls and Sidney. For more information on Greg or the Trump Jr fundraisers go to his web site at

Jon Arneson