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Dr Andy David, Israel’s Consul General Calls in!

On Wednesday we were honored to have Israel’s Consul General for the Northwest, Dr Andy David on Voices of Montana for 30 minutes.

Andy modify

Courtesy of Israel Consul General

The Consul General is in Montana to speak about issues pertaining to both Israel and the United States. He said “I’m here to discuss the issues and hopefully educate and make the candidates aware of what’s important to Israel.

Mr David spoke on the importance of this election especially since it will be watched closely by the national media as to which way the American people are leaning since the surprising election of President Donald Trump.

We also spoke of Israel, Which is the size of New Jersey, And has come up with some very innovative ways to deal with freshwater in their country.  Dr David was hoping to talk with some Montanans’ about some of those innovations.

If you are interested in hearing the entire interview with the Consul General from Israel go here for the Podcast.

Jon Arneson