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A Great Montana Program That Benefits Veterans & Special Needs Children.

It’s always nice to hear truly great stories about a Montana non-profit organization, and the only thing that I have ever heard about K9 Care Montana is certainly positive but even bordering on glowing. If you don’t know, K9 Care provides service dogs at no-cost for wounded warriors and special needs children and their families.


The founder and President is David Riggs, who was paralysed from a gun shot in 1984, shortly thereafter he started training dogs as he personally  transitioned from a wheelchair. Today, he is owner, operator and chief dog trainer from Philipsburg Montana where he operates his customized outdoor programs.

According to Riggs, The average price for a service dog in the United States is $22,000. it can range all the way up to $60,000 for more complex training. The K9 Care Montana program is provided at no charge because of donations and special events held throughout the state of Montana.

If you are interested in the program or thinking of a great program to donate to go to their website at or listen to the Voices of Montana podcast right here where I speak with Riggs for most of the show.