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Is there a Better Income Tax System?

Is there a Better Income Tax System?

by Jon Arneson

Is there a better and fairer way to collect income taxes? What if we were to abolish all government income taxes and switch to a National Consumption Tax?

Steve Hayes, Chairman of fairtax.org said on Voices of Montana on July 5, 2017 that if you charged 23% on all new purchases and had the individual states collect the tax from the retailers, then you would have a better plan.


Photo Courtesy: Jon Arneson

There are some in Congress that are in favor of a consumption tax and Governor Jindal of Louisiana also thinks it is a good idea. However, the calls in to Voices of Montana on Wednesday were skeptical.

A caller from Whitefish told us that he believes that if everyone was charged a percentage of their gross income, then that would be a fair tax. Another caller, from Butte is in favor of a 9% flat tax.

One thing is for sure, nobody likes taxes but if another way is more simple and fair, then I am all for it. If you would like to listen to the whole show with Steve Hayes then check out our podcasts right here.