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Montana Secretary of State Working Hard To Find Out Why There Was Voter Irregularities In 2016

Monday morning on Voices of Montana, We were pleased to have Corey Stapleton, the current secretary of state of Montana on the program. Amongst several other duties the secretary of state is responsible for interpreting state election laws and overseeing elections in the state of Montana.


photo courtesy of Corey Stapleton

As you all probably remember, Voter fraud and voter misconduct was a huge issue in the presidential elections of 2016 when Donald Trump claimed widespread voter fraud in the country, meanwhile his opponent and most democrats deny this because according to Trump, “Voter fraud benefits the democrats because of their stance on illegal immigration and the numerous welfare programs”.

Back in Montana, on May 25th, According to Stapleton, during the special election to choose a new congressman, there were 1,833 ballots cast that did not count. That is a big jump from the previous elections. Almost all of those votes were by mail-in ballot and 363 of those votes had signatures that did not match the legal voters.

Secretary of state Stapleton says, “there is a vocal group of critics and their allies in the media, whom stick to a narrative that we do not have any problems with our elections. They claim that addressing these issues honestly and openly, we somehow are suppressing the vote”. Stapleton says that’s nonsense.

According to Stapleton, There is currently an investigation into voter fraud now in Butte/Silverbow county including cases of people voting twice in the same elections. We spoke to Corey Stapleton for the entire hour on Voices of Montana, To listen in to the podcast click right here.

Jon Arneson