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Scholarship Money Is A Big Part Of Miss Montana Contest

Three very talented young Montana ladies joined us on Monday’s Voices of Montana show including the reigning 2017 Miss Montana Maddie Murray, She was joined by two former Miss Montana winners, 2007 Kristen Mantooth-Yeley and 2002 Miss Montana, Heather Nitz.


All three of the Ladies agreed that the journey to become Miss Montana was as important, if not more important, than winning the crown. By gaining valuable experience and developing life long skills including public speaking and interview skills, are the skills that they will use for the rest of the lives.

The Miss Montana pageant offers scholarship monies that add’s up to $22,900 with the winner getting $5000 to further their education.

Deadlines are fast approaching for the Miss Montana pageant so check the Miss Montana website right here

To listen in to the entire interview with past winners and the current Miss Montana go to our podcast right here.