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Vladimir Putin & Why He Financially Supports American Fracking Activists

Broadcasting live from an event is always interesting, Most times good but sometimes it can be a little shaky. Not complaining here at all folks, but sometimes equipment fails and you have to call in for reinforcements! For me on Wednesday morning it was Rocky Erickson. Like any good radio man he came running with his personal bag of radio equipment and we made it on the air right on time.


Once the show was on and rolling from The Montana Petroleum Association’s annual meeting in Billings, Montana. I was really fascinated while talking with John Harpole, President of Mercator Energy, which is a natural gas services, brokerage, and research company. He had a lot to say about the Geo-political influence of the American shale revolution and what U.S. oil production means around the world including our foreign relations with countries like Russia and many other communist countries.

We also talked with Alan Olson, who is the executive director of the Montana Petroleum Association about their annual event and how Montana and hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling is revolutionizing the way we look at energy in the treasure state and how the United States depends on our region’s “independent energy production” for a lot of our national security.

I hope you will listen to our podcast if you missed the live show. I think you will be impressed with Mr. Harpole, Who has a lot of Montana roots by the way, and our discussion about energy in the west and how it affects Putin and all his communist cronies. If you are interested in any of the Voices of Montana podcast’s you can find it right here.

Jon Arneson