Mar 14, 2017 Northern Sports Network 0 comment

Brendan Howard 2,000 Points!

Saturday morning at the State “AA” I was getting ready to call the West – Great Falls loser out game when Kathleen Howard, Brendan’s mom came up to give me a hug and thank me that my prediction came true!  I had to ask what prediction?  She said four years ago on my state wide sports show I predicted that her son would become the first “AA” player to score 2,000 points!  Well, Brendan Howard of Great Falls high made history in game number one at state, making a free throw for 2,000!  Howard finished with 2,083 points, tied for 20th on my all time list.  Now check this out, he is tied with Kevin Morales of Huntley Project!  That would be the same Kevin Morales who is now the head coach at Billings Skyview! Howard 2000   The last game for Brendan was against Billings Skyview!