Jan 11, 2018 Northern Sports Network 0 comment

Class “C” Hoops Is Strong This Season!

In Montana there is noting like class “C” basketball.  It is without question my favorite state tournament to announce.  Plus this season we have some outstanding teams, just look at how strong the top three ranked teams are!  Arlee the defending state champs are unbeaten and averaging 83 points a game, plus they are holding their opponents to just 36!  That is a margin of victory of almost 50 points per game!

Than we have 2nd ranked Scobey.  I have seen Scobey and C.J. Nelson play twice this season and they are the real deal!  This team is deep, they play 10 in the first quarter alone.  Plus Scobey’s full court press gives teams nightmares.

Let’s not forget about the third ranked team in the state in class “C” hoops Melstone.  This team is huge, bigger than most “AA” programs as their starting lineup averages 6-4.  No team has come close to beating Melstone, they are 8-0 and average 72 points a game, their opponents just 31!

No question about it,the state “C” tournament in Butte this year will be out of this world!