Feb 19, 2018 Northern Sports Network 2 comments

Combined Tournaments….Not The Best Idea!

It’s very rare that I offer a commentary…but I feel you need to know just how I feel about all of these combined basketball tournaments.  I do NOT think it’s a good idea!  I personally think it’s not fair to the players, cheerleaders, pep band members, dance teams, fans or parents to have your team play at 9 AM in the morning.  Last year at the eastern “A” Super Divisional tournament the Glendive girls had three 9 AM games!  Nobody, I repeat nobody wants to play at 9 AM.  In the past the only 9 AM game was the loser out contest on Saturday morning.  Now every day we have an early morning game.  That’s just not the way high school post season basketball tournaments should be scheduled.

Also consider those that are working the events?  On Wednesday I have 8 games scheduled to announce.  My schedule on Wednesday will be to arrive shortly after 7 AM and I hope to leave at around 10:30 PM.  We all know that after seven games the late, late game will start about 30 to 40 minutes behind schedule.

My idea to solve this dilemma….well it’s simple.  All we have to do is move girls basketball back to the fall!  Then they will not have to compete for practice times, fans, officials and most importantly sportscasters!