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Fastest Track Star Of All Time!

So who do you think of when someone ask who is our state’s fastest track star?  One name that I am sure you think of is Livingston’s Larry Questad.  In high school back in the early 1960’s Questad won both the 100 and 200 three times at state.  He also held both state records at that time.  Track was not the only sport that he excelled at he was also a good football player.  So good in fact that both Texas and Kansas wanted him to come play football for them, instead Larry went west to Sanford to run track.

In 1963 Larry Questad won the 100 and 200 at the world championships.  He was also the only sprinter from Montana to compete in the Olympic Games.  At the 1968 games in Mexico City Larry placed 6th in the finals of the 200.

Questad’s best time converted to meters in the 100 is 10.61, now on my list that would be the 4th fastest 100 in state history.  The top three are all held by the same person Mr. Chris Wilson of CMR.  During one month in May of 2009 Wilson ran a 10.56 at a season meet than 10.50 and 10.48 at divisional in Helena.  None of those times counted as state records due to the fact that they were not accomplished at state, but the following weekend at state Wilson set not one but two state records in the 100 at 10.67 and 21.01 in the 200.