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First Football Poll of the 2017 Season!

So here is my first high school football poll of this 2017 season.  Since I have not seen any class “B” or “C” games this year I really only feel comfortable ranking “AA” and “A”.

My top five in “AA”:

1. Billings Senior:   The defending state champs would also be ranked in the top five in the Frontier Conference!

2. Helena High:  Just one loss this year and that came against Senior.

3.  CMR:  They may be 2-2 but there losses came against Senior and Helena.

4. Big Sky:  Only loss to CMR 29-22!  Big Sky has one great Q.B.!

5.  Helena Capital:  Now Capital may be 4-0, but those four teams are a combined 4-11!

6.  Billings West:  2-2, but very young and getting better every week!



1.  Dillon:  Until they loss they will always be number one!

2.  Sidney:  It’s been a while since they won it all but I have seen them play and the Eagles are go real!

3.  Billings Central:  How can this ball club not be ranked in the top five.  The Rams only loss came in week number two to Sidney.

4.  Corvallis

5.  Laurel:  4-0 but those four teams are a combined 4-12.