Feb 27, 2018 Northern Sports Network 4 comments

Hardin Great Team….Better Sportsmanship!

One of the very best teams that I have seen this season “A” or “AA” is the Hardin Bulldogs.  These Bulldogs are also a class act on the court.   If you want to see a team display excellent sportsmanship than go to a Hardin game.  These young men do not throw the basketball back to the official…instead they walk it back and hand it to them.  Officials notice this and send notes and text to Hardin athletic director Mike Erickson telling him how impressed they are with the Bulldog players.  Also if an opposing player goes down….Hardin players rush over to help them up.  Now when is the last time you heard of a team like that?   By the way the Bulldogs are 19-1 on the season and this weekend in Bozeman they will be attempting to win their first state title since 1997.

Please listen to this interview with athletic Director Mike Erickson and star player David Evans.

Hardin team 2

Hardin team