Mar 23, 2018 Northern Sports Network 0 comment

Hays Family Spends The Day With John Wooden!

Most Montana sports fans remember the 1975 NCAA tournament when the Griz almost took down the mighty UCLA team coached by the legionary John Wooden.  In that close 67-64 loss for Montana Eric Hays scored an amazing 32 points.  Eric would go on and become one of the best coaches in “AA” history with his great run at Missoula Hellgate.  Than at his retirement party one of his daughters got him a letter from John Wooden, the most beloved coach on the planet.  Coach Wooden told Eric that if he was ever in Los Angels to come by.  Well a couple of years later Eric and his wife and children did just that.  The Hays family got to spend more than four hours with the great coach, what an experience.  Please listen to Eric tell the story.