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It’s True Everything is Bigger in Texas

We all know how difficult it is now days to pass a mill levy for schools.  Well check this out… this weekend Katy, Texas near Houston will open their new 72 million dollar stadium that was built by tax payer dollars.  This would set a new national record as the most expensive high school football stadium in the nation.  This facility seats 12,000 and is shared by 8 different high schools.

Also soon to open is another 12,000 seat high school stadium….in McKinney, Texas located 37 miles north of Dallas.  The originally cost was $63 million but now the final cost will be $70 million.

These two stadiums break the old record of $60 million!  That was the cost of Allen High School stadium. By the way Allen, Texas is all of just four miles from McKinney!

Remember the book, the movie, the T.V. series Friday Night Lights?  Well yes high school football is big in Texas! In Texas football is not just a sport…but it’s a way of life.

 Allen Texas Football StadiumTexas is home to six of the seven largest high school football stadiums in the nation!  The biggest?  Well that would be the 23,000 seat Alamo Stadium in San Antonio.

Overall there are six high school football stadiums in the United States that seat 18,000 or more!

So if 23,000 is the largest in the nation…what is number one in Montana!  Well here in the Big Sky state we have four high school football facilities that seat more than 5,000!  Here is the list of the top five:


  1. Laurel High School Sports Complex:  4,500


  1. War Memorial Stadium, Great Falls: 5,000


  1. Mitchell Stadium, Anaconda: 5,500


  1. Wendy’s Field, Billings: 6,500


  1. Bulldog Memorial Stadium, Butte: 7,200


It’s interesting to note that the largest high school football stadium in the state is no longer home to any varsity team!

At one time it was the home field for both Butte High and Butte Central.  Today Butte High plays at the newly remodeled Naranche Stadium and Butte Central plays on the turf at Montana Tech.