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Lindsey Graham- A C.M.R. Softball Legend!

Young people there is nothing wrong with thinking big, dreaming big…really big! Let me tell you the story of an 8th grader who set some huge goals for herself.

Back in the spring of 1996 14-year-old Lindsey Graham accompanied her dad Terry to the spring girls softball banquet. Terry was the head coach and up until that time his team had never won a state girls softball title.

That night at the banquet Lindsey promised her dad that when she gets to high school she would win him a state championship. Then on their way home that night she increased her goal by saying that when she gets to high school she will help her dad win four state championships.

Lindsey Gustafson (Graham)

Lindsey Gustafson (Graham)

Fast forward to May 31st of 1997… on her 15th birthday Lindsey Graham is on the mound in the state AA championship game! She would strike out 15 to lead the team to a victory!

The following year CMR would win again. Then in 1999 during Lindsey’s JR. season she would give up just one run in three games and lead CMR to their 3rd state title in a row!

That brings us up to the May 27th 2000 state girls softball championship game. For the 4th year in a row Lindsey is on the mound. She would strike out 12… pitch a no-hitter.. better yet a perfect game! CMR won their 4th consecutive state title that day!

She promised her dad four state titles and she won all four. Today Lindsey Gustafson (Graham) is the head girls softball coach at CMR. It did not take her long to win a state title as a coach. Some thing that she accomplished prior to her 2nd season in 2012. The lady rustlers also won the state AA championship just a year ago.