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Montana High School Basketball Tournament Wrap Up

Recently the staff of the Montana High School Athletic Association released all the financial reports from the 2017 district, divisional and state high school basketball tournaments. Of the 35 tournaments that were played this past season 18 of them turned a profit and 17 lost money.

The most financially successful high school basketball tournament was once again the combined boys and girls Eastern A. That tournament was held at Montana’s largest sports complex, Metra Park Arena in Billings. The 2017 Eastern A grossed almost $184,000 that’s number 2 on the all-time list. It is second only to the Eastern A from a year ago that set a MHSA record of $194,000.2017 Div Crowd

Each Eastern A all class school took home over $5,300. In comparison the Western A Divisional held the same weekend in Hamilton grossed $46,000. Each Western A basketball team took home $370 after expenses.

Overall 5 tournaments grossed more then $100,000 this past high school basketball season.

The Eastern A combined was number one. Second was the class B combined state tournament that was also held in Billings which grossed almost $154,000.  Third was the state AA held in Great Falls that grossed $130,000. Fourth was the Southern B Divisional tournament in Billings at $123,000. Finally the fifth biggest tournament for 2017 was the class C state boys in Bozeman that grossed more then $106,000. Which was also the 5th largest stand alone State Tournament of all time.