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Most Patriotic Story of The Year!

Now it’s sad that one of the biggest sports stories of 2017 has been what some NFL players are doing by kneeling during the national anthem.  The commentary program that I did a few weeks ago was one of the most listened to programs that I have ever done.  But it fails to compare to what took place in Great Falls last week during the Great Falls – Butte girls playoff soccer game.  This was a huge game with the winner advancing to the state tournament.Flag

Understand that the soccer complex in Great Falls is located directly across from Malmstrom Air Force Base.  At 4:30 PM every day over the speakers at Malmstrom you can hear the national anthem.  So what did these young athletes do last Tuesday when the anthem started to play?  You would be proud to know that they stopped playing, stood facing the base and put their hands over their heart.

An amazing patriot gesture!

CMR girls soccer coach Willie Pyette said that his team has been doing that for the past two years!  Well done young ladies….very well done.

Listen to my program on this great story below.

2017 Great Falls Girls Soccer Flag