Jun 19, 2018 Northern Sports Network 0 comment

So Why Is Montana So Good!

The stat of the week…..108 to 48!  That’s the combined win-loss record for Montana during the Montana – Wyoming all-star boys and girls basketball series and the Montana – North Dakota all-star football game!  So overall the best from our state have won 70% of the games played up against the very best from Wyoming and North Dakota.  Plus recently those numbers are even more lopsided.  Montana has won 14 in a row in the boys basketball series, 16 of the last 20 during the girls games and then we all know what has taken place in the Badlands Bowl.  Two years ago Montana edged North Dakota 65-0, last weekend they won 55-7!  Montana leads in that series 17-8!  So why is it that Montana is dominating our neighboring states?  Some say it’s because we have more people.  True, Montana has 42,000 high school students, compared to 31,000 in North Dakota and 27,000 in Wyoming.   Well if you want my opinion….from someone who has broadcast more than half of these all-star games…..Montana just has better athletes, PERIOD!

Also check this out according to the national high school track web site Montana had 6 athletes ranked in the top 20 this past season!  North Dakota and Wyoming had one each!