Mar 06, 2018 Northern Sports Network 1 comment

The Best Basketball Hug Of All Time!

Before the class “A” boys state championship game in Bozeman last Saturday night Brian Michelotti of the Montana High School Association asked me if we have ever had two brothers start on opposite teams in the state championship game before.  He stumped me….I told him I was not sure…but this could be a first.

So after visiting with both coaches they decided to have the two Hug brothers introduced last.  What an incredible moment that was when Trae Hugs of Hardin and his brother Jae Hugs of Billings Central meet at half court.  Then Jae Hugs would score the first four points for Central as the Rams went up 13-2 in a thrilling fast paced first quarter.  Hardin would come from behind to win 47-43 and capture their first state championship since 1997.

But then in the post game the tears would flow like nothing I have ever seen before following a title game!  When both teams lined up for the post game hand shake…well it was the two Hug brothers who were both first in that line.  That was one long emotional embrace that left all of us in tears who were there to witness that embrace.

Plus Hardin coach Andrew Round Face did not shake hands with any of the Central players….instead he hugged each and every one of them.

Hug oneHug two