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Top Girls Basketball Winning Percentage Over The Past Ten Years!

So what Montana high school girls basketball program has the best winning percentage since 2008?

“AA”  It’s the Lady Hawks of Bozeman with a win-loss record of 165 -57  74%

“A”  A very close race between Columbia Falls  146-68  68% and Butte Central 153-68  69%?

“B”  Well of course it’s all about Malta and Fairfield!  These are the two programs who have combined to win the last 10 class “B” girls basketball titles.  Over the past 10 years Malta has a win – loss record of 231-18 92.7% while Fairfield is 230-16  93.4%!  Just 16 losses for Fairfield over the past 10 seasons and 11 of those 16 have taken place in the last three years.

“C”  How about the fact that Belt has won more games during this time than any other Montana girls basketball team!  Over the past 10 years the Belt girls are 234-28.  They have averaged 24 wins a season, not bad when you only play 18 regular season games.