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TriWest Healthcare Alliance Taking Over from Health Net Federal Services

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, TriWest Healthcare Alliance, this week, begins administering the Patient-Centered Community Care and Veterans Choice Program, for Veterans, in the state of Montana. The continuation of these programs, previously administered for VA, by another contractor – Health Net Federal Services, – will allow Veterans, to continue receiving health care, in the community, when VA is unable, to care for them, at its facilities.

Channels Changing Frequencies In Montana Viewers Should Rescan Sets

The Federal Communications Commission, is having some stations nationwide and in Montana, change frequencies, in order to make more airwaves available for 5G and high-speed mobile broadband services. This process has already meant television stations, in Great Falls and Missoula, have changed theirs. Viewers who watch free over the air television, using an antenna, need to rescan their television sets, to receive their local television channels, that changed their frequencies. Changing frequency doesn’t mean the channels themselves are changing. Cable and satellite television subscribers, do not need to do anything, to continue to receive their local television stations.

Tester: Warren’s DNA Results Don’t ‘Pass The Test’

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) on Monday said Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) use of a DNA test to claim Native American heritage doesn’t “pass the test.” “I don’t think that would pass the test, no,” he said during a visit to the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, one of two he visited on Monday. But Tester waved off the uproar over Warren’s claimed Native American roots as a sideshow to the more important issues affecting reservations in the state. Tester made the remarks in an interview at a voter turnout event with the Chippewa Cree tribe. The incumbent will need a strong turnout of voters on Election Day to win what is considered a toss-up race against Republican Matt Rosendale.

NOAA Winter Outlook Favors Warmer Temperatures For Much Of U.S.

A mild winter could be in store for much of the United States this winter according to NOAA’s       Climate Prediction Center. In the U.S. Winter Outlook for December through February, above-average temperatures are most likely across the northern and western U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Additionally, El Nino has a 70 to 75 percent chance of developing, bringing warmer drier conditions to parts of the North. Warmer than normal conditions are anticipated across much of the northern and western              U.S., with the greatest likelihood in Alaska and from the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Plains.            No part of the U.S. is favored to have below-average temperatures.

Trump Administration Could Use Military Bases To Export Coal, Gas

The Trump administration is considering using military bases to accomodate export facilities for coal or natural gas, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has told The Associated Press. Zinke said the strategy is being considered as a way to thwart opposition by California, Oregon and Washington leaders to allowing export terminals in their states to sell coal or gas to Asia. Sen. Steve Danes (R-Mont.) also told the AP that using the bases is a possible strategy for exports. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) told AP she’s talked about the military base idea with Zinke and Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

NRA Downgrades Tester To D

The National Rifle Association has downgraded Sen. Jon Tester’s rating to “D” after he voted against confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s confirmation restores a          5-4 majority on the Court in favor of our right to self-defense. The NRA recently ran an ad campaign  that highlighted that Sen. Tester cannot be trusted to support the rights of Montana’s law-abiding gun owners. In addition to his votes on Supreme Court nominees, Tester has supported criminalizing the private transfer of firearms between lifelong friends and some family members, which the Obama  justice department said could only be enforced through federal gun registration.

Second Senate Debate Coming Up Saturday

The second debate, between Democratic incumbent Senator, Jon Tester, and his Republican challenger, Matt Rosendale, is scheduled, for Saturday, in Bozeman. The rescheduling, from this past Saturday, was because, of the Senate vote, on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, to become, a justice, on the U.S. Supreme Court. Senator Tester, was in Washington, D.C., and voted no.

President Trump Event Guide From MetraPark In Billings

President Donald Trump’s visit to MetraPark in Billings, for a rally Thursday, for Matt Rosendale, has some logistical challenges, that I was able to hear about, from sales and marketing manager Ray Massie. Although tickets were made available via a website, there were more than the site can handle. Ray tells me, the fire marshal will decide, when enough is enough, and no more people will be permitted, at that time. About 800 parking positions usually available will be eliminated for security reasons, so parking in nearby neighborhoods will need to happen. When waiting in line, after the doors open at 4, water will be on sale and portable toilets will be available for use too. Ray says not to live dangerously and leave knives or firearms at home, because they will not get approved, and lines will be long, due to increased security. The one elevator in the Rimrock Auto Arena, will not be accessible either. President Trump is expected to speak around 8 o’clock, after an hour’s worth of speeches, from others, involved in the rally.

What To Do When Your President Wants To Drop In For A Visit?

Preparations are underway, for next week’s visit, by President Donald Trump, to Billings Metrapark.        He visited the magic city, in 2016, as citizen Trump, and this time, it’s expected, he’ll be drawing, a much bigger crowd. As luck would have it, Thursday was an open date, so there was no problem, in renting the arena, which will hold around 10,000 people. A visit, from a sitting president, is a different animal, than even the biggest concerts, and an advance team, will be planning, all the details. Before Vice President Mike Pence arrived, in Billings, July 24th, to stump for Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Matt Rosendale, as President Trump will do, an advance team of 12 staffers visited. For Billings,                          it will be the sixth time, a sitting president, has come to town.

RY Timber Gets Sabotaged

Last Week, RY Timber, out of Livingston, was given the green light, by the Forest Service, to begin operations, on the North Hegben forestry project, near West Yellowstone, which would help reduce wildfire risks, in nearby communities. Less than one day later, the Forest Service notified RY, that due to a preliminary injunction filed against them, they were forced to shut down, and move out. It is one of 21 current injunctions, against forest restoration projects, in Montana and Idaho, alone. To make matters worse, the next day, a lowboy transport arrived, at the site, to move the Feller Buncher, when the operator noticed someone had broken in, and cut every single wire they could. They must have known what they were doing too, as Resource Manager of RY, Edward Regan said, they cut the wires to a point where the machine couldn’t be put back together without calling in a specialized mechanic. The vandalism and sabotage of the logger’s equipment will cost the contractor at least $10,000, and a weeks worth of work. The investigation is ongoing.

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