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Still No Snowmobiles Allowed In Bitterroot Forest, But Bike Ban Needs Review, Judge Rules

Both sides declared victory in a federal lawsuit challenging the Bitterroot National Forest’s travel ban on bikes and motorized vehicles in remote areas. A ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen on Friday upheld most of the Forest Service’s plan to preserve the Blue Joint and Sapphire Wilderness Study Areas in the primitive conditions that existed in 1977.


Five Workers In Butte, 100 In Moses Lake Lose REC Silicon Jobs

Five people are being laid off from the Butte REC Silicon plant Monday while 100 workers at the Moses Lake, Washington, plant are losing their jobs, said one company official. Francine Sullivan, REC Silicon vice president of business development, said Monday that the average pay of the workers being laid off is $100,000.

Wings Of Freedom Tour Lets Helenans See, Touch, Ride In World War II Aircraft

The low drone of massive engines are emanating from Helena this week, as four of the most famous World War II bomber and fighter aircraft are in town for a visit. Relics from the past that still live in the modern day, rivets and all, the four planes landed at Helena Regional Airport Monday as part of the Wings of Freedom Tour.

Bozeman Data Security Firm Scores $3.5 Million Amid Venture Capital Growth

A data security company based out of Boulder and Bozeman announced it raised $1.5 million in venture capital, bringing its total fundraising to $3 million in over the past 18 months. Founded in 2015 by CEO Patrick Walsh and Bob Wall, both formerly of RightNow Technologies, IronCore Labs is a cloud privacy platform technology that allows for stronger controls over potentially sensitive data transmitted through apps and websites.

Space Ship Or Water Tower? New Structure On Gore Hill Draws Attention

It’s hard to miss the new structure going up on Gore Hill next to the Flying J Truck Stop. Motorists passing by on Interstate 15 might confuse it for some type of interstellar space port, but in reality it’s Great Falls’ newest effort to ensure neighborhoods in the area have reliable access to clean drinking water. The old red and white water tower that still stands next to the Great Falls International Airport was built in 1962.

“A Long Time Coming”: Butte’s New $8.7M Water Park Opens

The line to enter Butte’s brand-new, $8.7 million Ridge Waters water park stretched from the doors to the parking lot late Wednesday morning, just before it officially opened at noon. While it was hard to tell who was very first in line, such was the bunching, 12-year-old Audtumn Alkire was very hear the front and, boy, was she excited.

Stevensville Will Ask For Public Safety Levy For Police Force

The town of Stevensville will ask residents to pass an estimated $200,000 public safety levy to increase police coverage in the community. The decision followed a lengthy meeting Monday that ended with the town’s mayor breaking a 2-2 tie with his vote to place the levy on the November ballot. Just over 40 people attended the meeting focused on the future of law enforcement in the town.

Help With Housing: Bozeman To Launch Housing Needs Assessment

Bozeman put the call out this week for firms to compete to tell the city what it could do to help make housing affordable. The city’s asking consultants to draft proposals for a citywide housing need assessment and to build an action plan that guides Bozeman’s Affordable Housing Program for the next five years. According to the request, the median price for a single family home in Bozeman reached more than $400,000 in March. Paired with that, renting is getting pricier as vacancy rates hold near 0 percent.

Gun Found In Missoula Shooting Investigation, District Says Victims Weren’t Students

Missoula police detectives located a small-caliber handgun believed to have been used in Sunday evening’s shooting on the Sentinel High School campus that sent two boys to the hospital. Detective Capt. Mike Colyer said the weapon was located Monday near the scene of the shooting by investigators, but declined to provide a specific caliber or model.

School District Leaders Seek Bond For East Remodel, Elementary Security

Butte School District leaders are proposing a bond issue to remodel East Middle School and enhance building security at the district’s elementary schools. The bond issue will be presented to the district’s board of trustees this week in an effort to get it on the ballot in November. No estimates on the bond amount have been released yet.

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