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Tim Fox, Jonny and me

Montana Attorney General Fox Sends Letter To Washington’s Governor Concerning Carbon Tax Legislation

In a letter sent to Washington Governor Jay Inslee Tuesday, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael ...

DACA Program Approves 98% Of Their Applicants, Many With Gang Related Ties.

There’s a “huge” rate of fraud in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a former insider warns, and ...

Madison Food Park Proposes 3,000-Acre Meat-Packing & Processing Facility Between Great Falls & Belt.

Todd Hanson, director of development of the proposed 3,000-acre Madison Food Park to be located between Great Falls and Belt ...
Russ Fagg & Family

Senate Candidate Russ Fagg Says “Tester Is Putting Illegal Immigrants Ahead Of Montanans”

According to Russ Fagg... Thursday, February, 15th, Senator Jon Tester showed how out of touch he is with Montanans. Tester joined ...

Gianforte Reaching Out To Daniels, Roosevelt & Wheatland Counties To Share Views On Government.

Gianforte Staff to Hold Office Hours in Daniels, Roosevelt, Wheatland Counties BOZEMAN, Mont. – Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte announced that a ...
Cole in Colstrip

Montana Coal Can Survive With All Our Voices!

Support the Rosebud Mine Expansion.  YOUR comments of support are needed for the Area F draft EIS! The subject of the ...

Scholarship Money Is A Big Part Of Miss Montana Contest

Three very talented young Montana ladies joined us on Monday's Voices of Montana show including the reigning 2017 Miss Montana ...

Seth Bodnar Hired To Increase Attendance In Missoula

The new president of the University of Montana stopped by the Voices of Montana studios Tuesday to introduce himself to ...
Daines Gianforte

Senator Steve Daines Holds Press Conference on Community Health Centers.

BILLINGS, MT – U.S. Senator Steve Daines today joined a bipartisan press conference with House and Senate colleagues, patients, and health ...

Dr Kathy Koch Was A Guest On VOM & She Reports To Feel Refreshed

Here is her blog were she talks about being refreshed in Big Sky Country! In last Monday’s blog I wrote about being ...

Need An All-Beverage Floater License?

MT Dept. of Revenue Extends Alcohol Beverages License Competitive Bidding The Montana Department of Revenue Liquor Control Division has extended the ...

Federal Government Employee Unions Must Go!

President Trump's State of the Union speech included a lengthy "to-do" list: infrastructure improvements, workforce development, secure borders and immigration ...

Minnesota Farmers Step Up With “Haylift Fund Raiser” During GATE Show In Dawson County

We truly appreciate what our Minnesota farmers are doing to help our farmers and ranchers in need and now we ...
matt rosendale

What About Cryptocurrencies, Good For Montana??

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continuing to attract headlines, Securities Commissioner Matt Rosendale today reminded Montana investors to be cautious about ...
Daines on the floor

Senator Steve Daines, Takes To The Senate Floor In Favor Of “CHIP’S”

The U.S. House and Senate are expected to vote this week on legislation that would prevent the government from shutting ...

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