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Recent VOM News

So, What About The Montana Republican Senate Campaign?

In the crowded Republican primary race for the opportunity to face off against incumbent Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat, in November ...

Manufacturing in Montana?

  According to the President and CEO, of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Webb Brown, “Its definitely on the upswing and ...

Industrial Hemp Is Latest Choice For Montana Farmers

Just think back 5 to 10 years. You very well might not have heard of Pulse crops back then, let ...

The HER Campaign Is Saving Womans Lives

It’s surprising to me how little a person can actually know about a particular subject, that is probably going on ...

“Response To The Sierra Club” – Op-ed By Lori Shaw, Colstrip United


GOP Debate Reflections From Jon Arneson

A GOP Senate Primary Forum Debate was held Tuesday night April 24 at the Elks lodge in Billings. I was ...
Cole in Colstrip

Duane Ankney Talks Coal With Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke In DC

The second half of Thursdays Voices of Montana show featured State Senator, Duane Ankney from Colstrip, who has recently been ...

Political Differences Between Montana & Idaho From A Man That Serves Both

An interesting guest on Voices of Montana Thursday, gave us a terrific inside political and social look into the differences ...

A Little Good News In The Omnibus Spending Bill?

The 2018 omnibus appropriations spending bill is 2,300 pages long and includes $1.3 trillion dollars in spending. This add to ...

  Does A Proposed Initiative Spell Doom to Coal & Oil?

A former Montana legislator wants Montana to pass a ballot initiative that would require investor-owned utilities to provide 50% of ...

Violent Crime Up, Especially in Billings and Missoula Montana

The numbers are pretty staggering, when we talk about crime in the state of Montana. According to Yellowstone County Attorney, ...
Capital building

An Angry Listener Lets Loose.

March 22, 2018 Dear Senator Tester. Last week you voted on the $1.3 Trillion Omnibus bill that will fund the government ONLY ...

Are Montana State Employees Being “Paid Off” As They Leave Office?

Montana Senate President Scott Sales and Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen have appointed a select committee to find out ...

John Eidsmoe Talks about The Constitution and Christianity.

After the radio show Friday morning with constitutional Lawyer and Professor of Law John Eidsmoe, we received a lot of ...
cattle truck 2

Daines Asks That Ag & Livestock Haulers Be Exempt From Electronic Logging Devices

This is a news release from Senator Daines office. This has been a real hot topic with folks calling into the ...

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