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National Media Just Can’t Stop Themselves From Reporting Fake News

The Most Trusted Name in News, CNN spent 12 straight minutes on air Friday, hyping an exclusive report that seemed ...

Represenative Kerry White & Why The Wool Lab Is So Important To Montana

State Representative Kerry White of Bozeman is a frequent guest on Voices of Montana, He heads the FW&P committe with the ...
Greg G

Princess Diana, Greg Gianforte, Ben Jacobs & The Paparrazi

Another Sunday ruined by another Billings Gazette Op/Ed, this time demonizing and denigrating our lone Congressman, Greg Gianforte.  Does the Gazette find Montanans ...
Greg and Jon2

Update From Congressman Greg Gianfortes Desk in Washington DC

  House Resources Committee Approve Coal Measures Nov. 30, the House Committee on Natural Resources passed two bills, one which included an ...

Is This The Future Of Healthcare or Just Another Wacky Merger?

GOOD MERGER OR BAD MERGER?  DID THIS HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE TAX CUTS? The merger comes at a time of turbulent transformation in health ...

Mining In Montana & The Rest Of The Story!

If you read the AP article published over the weekend on an unnecessary mining regulation dropped by the EPA, you ...

Do You Have Money Waiting For you?

Montana Insurance Commissioner, NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Finds $92.5 Million for Consumers in First Year 11 Montanans Matched with over ...

The Fight Over The CSKT Water Compact Is Far From Over.

The final part of our 2-part series on the CSKT water compact, our guest was the Chairman of the Montana ...

We Always Learn Something New When Robert Brown Comes To VOM.

About a year ago, Jonny Kibblewhite, aka, Jonny from Wales, and myself decided that we should have Robert Brown on ...

Are GMO’s Safe? Scott Hamilton Kennedy & “Food Evolution” Takes A Hard Look.

Nothing gets the Voices of Montana's listeners juices flowing more than talking about GMO's, On our show Tuesday morning was ...

Protect Our Seniors From Financial Exploitation

Tuesday's Voices of Montana may have been the most informative show that we have done all year, Mainly because our ...

Montana Secretary of State Working Hard To Find Out Why There Was Voter Irregularities In 2016

Monday morning on Voices of Montana, We were pleased to have Corey Stapleton, the current secretary of state of Montana ...

Republican Senate Candidate Discloses His Reason for Discharge

Billings - James Dean, a US Senate candidate who is hoping to unseat Montana Senior Senator, Jon Tester, told Voices ...
declaration of independance

Do We Need An Article V Convention Of States?

Over the years, Voices of Montana and our Montana audience have discussed the question many times, "Do we need an ...

Where Is The Coverage?

Nothing on CNN … More than 24 hours ago, The Hill reported that the FBI knew of, and was investigating, Russian bribes before ...

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