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Yay or Nay on I-185? Hear from Both Sides

I-185 "Tobacco Tax" Dominates Airwaves, Is There a Right of Wrong Answer? Montanans can hardly look outside or turn on the ...
6 mill levy

What the 6-Mill Levy Means for Montana

Montanans Decide: 6-Mill Levy Up for Vote in 2018 Billings - Bob Brown, former Secretary of State of Montana and veteran legislator ...
Downtown Libby. Photo Courtest of US EPA.

Troy Mine Says Recent Headlines Made False Suggestions

Troy Mine Provides Updated Reclamation Schedule LIBBY, MONTANA –Troy Mine Inc. (TMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hecla Mining Company, has ...

Newspaper Headlines Are Mostly Ridiculous, Even With “Leaked Email”

The Wednesday newspaper headlines made me think that there was possibly some sort of major meltdown at one of the ...

Montana Senator David Howard Still Fighting Against Illegal Immigration

Montana state senator, David Howard feels very strongly about numerous subjects, but none more than illegal immigration. The Park City ...

High Tech Business The “Montana Way”

 There seems to be numerous good reasons why the High-Tech business climate in Montana is growing at a high rate ...

Tornado & Micro Burst Are No Match For Plentywood.

It is just heart-wrenching to hear about the strong summer storm that hit Northeastern Montana and wide portions of northwest ...

Do We Need A Special Session For I-186?

The Montana Republican Party has control of the legislature, holding 91 of the state’s seats. Even so, their recent call ...

Rosendale Gets A Boost From Trump

On the day that President Trump came to Big Sky Country, Voices of Montana had a full line up of ...

Going Back To The Old West

If you are anything like me (and as old as me too) you might have enjoyed the western TV classics ...

Zinke on Fake News, BLM & Energy Dominance In America!

According to secretary of the interior Ryan Zinke, President Donald Trump is absolutely right, “The main stream media is reporting ...

Does Free Trade & Low Tariffs Make America Prosperous?

What has made America so strong and prosperous? Many say our military might, while others say it’s all about our ...

New Chancellor at MSU-Billings Focused on Growth

The new leader at Montana State-Billings has aggressive plans for the institution. Dan Edelman, PhD, the new Chancellor of the ...


 HELENA, MONTANA – Phil Baker, CEO of Hecla Mining Company, met with Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Tom ...

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