Dec 28, 2016 Shadow of the Rockies 0 comment

MT FWP Block Mgmt. staff shares tips with hunters

With the big game season recently concluded, Block Management Program Administrative Assistant Bea Sturtz sits at her desk, busily counting thousands of hunter permission slips. The slips are turned in by landowners participating in the program that opens 2,290,000 acres in southeastern Montana to hunting. Slips will keep filtering in until after spring turkey season, when Sturtz will have a final tally.

Last year, nearly 45,000 hunters accessed Block Management Areas in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 7, spending a total of 78,826 hunter days in the field.

Block Management is heavily used by residents and non-residents, but Sturtz still encounters misconceptions about how it works. Below are some examples.

Access not about big bucks
Hunters choose where to go
Big parcels not always better
Permission isn’t automatic
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