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Sublette, WY mule deer migration corridor designated


A crucial mule deer migration corridor in north-western Wyoming has been formally designated by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The path of one of the three winter range units designated in the Sublette mule deer herd unit is 160 miles long and spans over 830,000 acres, from the Hoback River near Jackson to around the town of Pinedale, continuing south to the Red Desert outside Rock Springs.

This designation means Game and Fish will now do an assessment of the corridor and develop proactive management actions to conserve and enhance areas within the corridor. This will be done in consultation with stakeholders. Going forward when commenting on federal surface projects, Game and Fish will recommend measures to conserve the corridor based on the best available science.

Based on mule deer GPS collar data collected in collaboration with the University of Wyoming-Wyoming Migration Initiative, the study collected an unprecedented volume of data on mule deer migration.

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