May 11, 2017 Voices Of Montana 0 comment

Montana Has Not Had This Kind Of Political Star Power In A Long Time

Vice President Mike Pence will be the first standing Vice President to visit the Treasure State and Billings in more than a decade when Wyoming Republican Dick Cheney visited Billings back in 2006.

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Vice President Pence will be here supporting Greg Gianforte at a rally scheduled in Billings, Friday night at 6 pm. People planning to attend should arrive early and be prepared for security checks.

Donald Trump Jr is also back in Montana with stops Thursday in Butte, Helena, Sidney, and Great Falls, The President’s son was in Montana a couple weeks ago, not only stumping for Greg Gianforte, but rifle shooting in Eastern Montana.

Since former Congressman Ryan Zinke has moved on to serve in the Trump Administration as secretary of the Interior the battle for his former seat between Republican businessman Gianforte, and Democratic challenger Rob Quist.

Bernie Sanders is also scheduled for a stop in Montana to support Rob Quist, As of right now no date or time has been announced.

On Wednesday, We had Jim Gosset on Voices of Montana who is a political impersonator and a very funny guy. If you would like to listen to that podcast where we share a few jokes about the candidates and the race you can go right here.