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So, What About The Montana Republican Senate Campaign?

In the crowded Republican primary race for the opportunity to face off against incumbent Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat, in November. In my humble opinion it’s a race that seems to be coming down to State Auditor, Matt Rosendale and former Billings Judge, Russ Fagg. Certainly, Fagg and his campaign staff think so too, as a big part of his campaign seems to be all about attacking Rosendale, including his latest ad campaign.

Russ Fagg and Jon Arneson - Voices of Montana 051118

Photo Courtesy Of Augie Auga

The controversial ads are making two points, (1.) Rosendale is not in favor of the death penalty and Fagg is, and (2.) that the immigration issue is much worse than Montanans can even conceive. Fagg points out, in the ads, that the pipeline between Mexico and Montana, including MS-13, is open and we should all be very aware of it.

On last Fridays, “Voices of Montana”, Russ Fagg was in-studio and took on all comers by way of our phones, text line and by email. One email asked what can be done about H-B1 Visas which allow foreign workers to come in, and according to the emailer “take away American jobs” Fagg was quick to point out that the H-B1 is much better than the lottery system, but promised “If elected, would look deeply into the system, and see if there are any flaws”

Meanwhile, the underdogs, in my opinion, Al Olszewski and Troy Downing seem to be playing a different campaign, Downing touting his fighter pilot background and his ability to relate to veterans and fix the troubled VA system.

Dr. Al, an orthopedic surgeon, and former Air Force Doctor, leans on his knowledge of the state of Montana, the health care system, and the VA, He says he has some “great ideas to make health care system and the Veterans Administration, less burdensome for both, the patients and doctors.”

Politics at its best? Pretty interesting race if you ask me.

Who will win? June is right around the corner.

To listen to the recorded podcast of our entire program with Russ Fagg, including 15 minutes with Montana Congressman, Greg Gianforte click here.

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