Feb 20, 2019 Voices Of Montana, VOM Podcasts 0 comment

Animal Rights Activists want to restrict the number of hours your ranch dog or horse can work. Listen as Jon speaks with the Cavalry Group

Today 2/20/19 we had Mindy Patterson on from the Cavalry Group until 9 35. The Cavalry Group supports working animals. But, there are those who want to put strict restrictions on all working animals including your ranch dog or working horses. Restrictions include how many hours your animals can work in a single working day. She was followed by Jay Bodner, Executive VP for the Montana Livestock Association. Mr. Bodner and the Livestock Association spoke on HB 286 along with Bison, Buffalo, Fake Meat and the COOL Bill aka the Country of Origin Labeling Law.“Environmentalists & some Montana legislators would like to limit the hours you can work your farm and ranch animals, including your favorite dog!

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