Nov 21, 2017 Voices Of Montana 0 comment

Are GMO’s Safe? Scott Hamilton Kennedy & “Food Evolution” Takes A Hard Look.

Nothing gets the Voices of Montana’s listeners juices flowing more than talking about GMO’s, On our show Tuesday morning was Academy Nominated Director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, talking about his latest documentary “Food Evolution”, the debate on GMO’s.

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Kennedy tackles the always controversal subject of GMO’s and food, How do we feed the world but keep the planet safe?. The documentary shows how misinformation, confusion, and fear can overwhelm objective analysis.

Some of the questions are simple ones like, Are genetically modified foods bad for your health? And, most importantly, what data, evidence and sources are we using to approach these important questions. Without a doubt there is a lot of passion, suspicion, and confession about GMO’s with both sides saying they have science on their side.

Join us for our hour-long conversation about GMO’s by clicking right here and learn more about GMO’s and the new documentary “Food Evolution” Directed by Academy Award nominated director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy and narrated by esteemed science communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson.