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Are Montana State Employees Being “Paid Off” As They Leave Office?

Montana Senate President Scott Sales and Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen have appointed a select committee to find out why the Bullock Administration has paid out over 1.2 Million dollars in settlement funds to state employees since the beginning of last year.

Scott Sales

Photo courtesy of the Mt Legislature

That was the big question being asked by Scott Sales on Voices of Montana Monday Morning. The leader of the Senate and past 4-term member of the Montana House told us that “The issue of Governor Bullock paying off disgruntled state employees has been raised several times, But there has been a dramatic spike in settlement payments beginning in 2013.”

“The select committee will work to bring this issue to light” Continued Sales. Settlement numbers were released in a memo from the Legislative Audit Division at the request of Senate Majority leader, Fred Thomas. It found $1,211,235 has been paid out for state employee settlements since the beginning of fiscal year 2017.

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