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  Does A Proposed Initiative Spell Doom to Coal & Oil?

A former Montana legislator wants Montana to pass a ballot initiative that would require investor-owned utilities to provide 50% of the electricity they sell to be from renewable energy by 2030, and 80% from renewable energy by 2050.


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Russ Doty, a former Montana legislator now lives in Colorado, but is originally from Great Falls and Billings. Doty does acknowledge the effect his proposal would have on coal workers and says he wants his proposal, Initiative 184 (I-184), to provide training and give enhanced benefits for workers displaced by the change away from fossil fuels.

Mr. Doty certainly walks the walk as he drives an all-electric car, in his hometown of Greeley, Colorado. Doty created a web site “www.mtcares.org” with the sole purpose of explaining I-184 and to seek signatures, donations and volunteers to support his efforts.

According to the retired Doty, the proposed ballot initiative would levy a tax on each kilowatt of electricity produced in order to offset the Coal Severance Tax and any royalty revenue reductions to schools, libraries, water projects and tribes. This new tax would supposedly help those entities disadvantaged by the transition away from coal, nuclear and oil and the large tax dollars that the fossil fuels generate, in the Treasure State.

To listen in to the whole interview with Russ Doty and how he plans to get the 25, 468 Montana signatures needed to put I-184 on the ballot, listen here.


Jon Arneson