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Donald Trump Jr Coming Back To Montana

Donald Trump’s eldest son is coming back to Montana, Last time he was here he was gushing online about the beauty of the Treasure State while on vacation with his son.

Trump JR

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Last November, he wrote on-line about the Montana sunrise south of Butte and how he loved being back out west with his son who he called D3.

“Donnie and I got to explored an old abandoned gold mine in Montana today” Later they did some target shooting south of White Sulphur Springs.

This trip will no doubt be a little more business-like since he will be here campaigning for Greg Gianforte for the very important congressional special election that will be held in May.

The Trump team knows how important this Special Election is in advancing the conservative agenda that the American people voted for last November.

In a press release dated April 11th, The Gianforte team said “The people know that Greg will be a conservative voice in the house, While my opponent will be another rubber stamp for the radical Pelosi-obstructionist agenda we’ve already seen the Democrats roll out in the first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency”

Events will take place in Kalispell, Hamilton, and Billings on Friday, April 21st with a final event in Bozeman on Saturday, April 22nd. Tickets are RSVP only and are $35 per person and couples are $50.

I’m sure Donald Trump Jr will enjoy the beautiful scenery again in Big Sky Country but this time he will be fortunate enough to meet our greatest and strongest asset, The citizens of Montana.

For more information on Greg Gianforte go right here to “Greg for Montana”

Jon Arneson