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Governor Steve Bullock Vetoes Bill That Would Have Banned Sharia Law In Montana Courts

After Vetoing a bill that would have banned Sharia law in the state of Montana, Governor Steve Bullock said it would  “upend our legal system and debase what we stand for as Montanans and Americans”

Steve Bullock

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In the veto message Bullock also wrote that “There was no need for this bill and it could add to the nationwide surge in hate crimes”

Montana was one of 13 states considering legislation to prevent the use of foreign law in state courts. The bill was not only focused on sharia law but many felt it was an extremely important part of the measure.

Many Republican lawmakers and their constituents felt that the bill was needed to be clear that no foreign law, including sharia law, could ever be used in the court system in the state.

Many more felt this action would clarify and support the present state and US laws and send a strong message to our judges that Montana believes strongly in law but not foreign law.

Governor Steve Bullock doesn’t see it that way and said “he is disturbed that the ban, if he had signed it, could have been seen as an endorsement for anti-muslim sentiments and activity”

Several callers to the Voices of Montana radio show said that “Mr Bullock does not understand that our way of life is being threatened by terrorists and this legislation could have sent a strong message that it is not acceptable in Montana.”

Other callers felt that the Governor is” not listening to the people of Montana and his rejection of this bill, that would of banned sharia law along with other foreign laws is just another example of it.”

The bill is one of five that the governor took action on Thursday, and the only one to get a veto. Including this bill the Governor has vetoed five bills outright-with an additional 50 waiting on his desk for action.

Jon Arneson