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John Eidsmoe Talks about The Constitution and Christianity.

After the radio show Friday morning with constitutional Lawyer and Professor of Law John Eidsmoe, we received a lot of phone calls, Most wanting more information on the two talks professor Eidsmoe will be giving in Billing tonight, at the Red Lion Hotel.


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But we did get one phone caller after the show that said “You can’t pick and choose things in the Bible you like while breaking other rules of the Bible.” The caller added “The only thing religion is good for today is causing war and dividing mankind”

I relayed what the caller had said, and Mr Eidmoe was disappointed he didn’t get to answer that on the air, but did say “I will talk about that tonight because these are questions that need to be answered and talked about correctly and that is what I really enjoy doing.”

During the show we discussed many subjects on the founding fathers including “if they were truly Christians?” and, are we “following the constitution the way it was intended?” and of course, I had to bring up the possibility of an “Article V Convention.”

John Eidsmoe, who is also an author with several books to his credit including, “Christianity and the Constitution, The faith of our founding fathers.” I asked him what our forefathers would think of the way we follow the constitution today? His response was pretty clear, “not much!”

Listen to the entire podcast right here with all the information on his upcoming talk in Montana.


Jon Arneson